I tend to misplace my reading glasses, a lot!  My students are used to this and always join in to help me locate them. Recently, I could not find my prescription glasses, and wore my $1.00 glasses to work. My students commented on the fact that I had new glasses, and I told them these were my "cheap" glasses because I couldn't find my good glasses. Three days later, I was searching for my glasses, and one of the students said, "Are you looking for the green ones?" And another one of my students responded, "No, she's looking for the cheap ones!" I had to laugh.

A "FLOUR" FOR YOU! ( contributed by kellibell)
During teacher appreciation week our room mothers send out a letter so that one day we receive nice cards from our students the next day, chocolates...etc. On the fourth day one of my students handed me a bag of Gold Medal Flour.....racking my brain trying to remember the project that I requested flour for it occurred to me....The room parent's letter said FLOWER, and I got FLOUR....I couldn't stop laughing.

The other day, we were reading a selection about snails.  One of the students was struggling over the word "tentacles."  I was trying to get him to sound it out. He looked at me, then back at the page, and triumphantly yelled out, "Testicles!".  I slapped my forehead, some of the kids laughed, I told him the correct word, and let him keep reading.

I used the word yearning in a sentence.   "Stormalong was yearning to go on the ship." One of my students screwed up her face in confusion, and raised her hand. Haltingly she said, "Why would he be yearning to go on the ship?"  I started to explain, and she said, "Why would he want to pee, urine,  on the ship so badly?" I had to laugh. After I explained the meaning of the word, his yearning became clear to her.:)

One of my students recently had surgery to have his tonsils removed. We're using Edmodo so that he can keep up with assignments, and his classmates,  while he's home recuperating.  He gave us an update on his surgery,  and  wrote, "They gave me "amnesia" to put me to sleep." LOL

The other day was a rough day all around. The students had been indoors for days, and on top of that, we were working on getting our StudentTreasure books ready for our publishing date. Lots of stress! We finally got to go out, and while we were out, one of the lens in my sunglasses fell out. As we came back inside, I stood at the door with one lens in, and one lens out. All the 5th graders had a good laugh! It was a great stress reliever for all of us! :)

My principal decided that since we are a Responsive classroom school, we should all have the same behavior management tool. So, we were all provided with a chime, a block of wood with a stick. You hit the block of wood, the bell chimes, and the students hold up one hand. I decided to try it out on my class the other day. I hit the block of wood, and you could barely hear it. I remarked to my class "Humph, this really isn't going to work, you can barely hear it." A number of students looked at me and said, "Mrs.M., you have to hit it with the black ball at the end, not the stick!" Was my face red? So much for not smiling, or laughing the first week of school! :)

I had begun my unit on Ecosystems by brainstorming ideas on how animals depend on each other. After a number of great ideas were posted on our chart, I attempted to pull just a little more from them. I asked, "What is a way that animals depend on each other for food?"  One of my students yelled out, "Breastfeeding!".  What could we do but laugh? I then told him he was correct, that is a way parents feed their young.

Sometimes I give my students worksheets from a workbook called Math Minutes. It consists of 10 math problems that students should be able to solve in a minute.  I don't use it as a grade, but I do correct them. Minute 13 problem #1 states," In 937,582,206, the digit 9 is in what place?  One of my student's answer was "1st place." Guess I have to do some reteaching about place value! LOL

LONG-TERM  ENGAGEMENT! (contributed by Becky Broome)
I teach gifted elementary students. One day I was reading some brain teasers to my third graders. The story was that Mary and Bob loved each other very much. They were often seen around town hugging each other, but they will never marry. Why not? (The correct answer is that Bob is Mary's dog.) One student raised his hand and said, "Because he's afraid of commitment?" Needless to say, I burst out laughing and he added, "My mom watches a lot of soap operas."

My students were playing Heads Up(an Ipad app) during indoor Recess. You have to give clues that will help the person holding the Ipad on their forehead guess the word. The word was "typewriter." One of my 5th graders yelled, "You know that thing they used to type with in the "olden days!" Olden days??? I burst out laughing!

HOW CAN I EXPLAIN THIS...?(Shared by a teacher)
A female student seemed to be off from her usual self. The teacher asked her what was wrong, and she said there was nothing wrong. The teacher offered to let her go talk to someone else if she did not feel comfortable talking to her. She said she was fine. Later that day, the teacher received a note saying, "I have the thing that ends a sentence." Problem solved!:)


  1. My favorite tale is from a student learning the English language. I was reading Tana Hoban's book, Signs. I read the "No Smoking" sign and the little boy said, "What's smoking?" I told him it was something some adults do that is bad for your health. Another child used her had to simulate smoking. " He then said, "It's bad for your, for your, your..(pointing to his chest)." I said,"Lungs. Yes, it's bad for your lungs." He said, "I know my grandma does it and hers are down to here (look ting to his stomach area with cupped hands."

    Thank God it was time for the kids to get ready to go home. I could barely contain my laughter.